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1 English theoretical physicist (born in 1942) [syn: Stephen Hawking, Stephen William Hawking]
2 the act of selling goods for a living [syn: vending, peddling, vendition]

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  1. present participle of hawk


  1. Action of the verb to hawk.

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blurred, breathy, chase, chevy, chivy, choked, choking, consumer preference study, consumer research, consumer survey, coursing, croaking, cynegetics, direct-mail selling, drawling, drawly, dysphonic, falconry, fox hunting, gunning, guttural, hard sell, harsh, high-pressure salesmanship, hoarse, huckstering, hunt, hunting, inarticulate, indistinct, jobbing, lisping, low-pressure salesmanship, mail-order selling, market research, marketing, marketing research, merchandising, mispronounced, muzzy, nasal, peddling, promotion, quavering, retailing, sales campaign, sales promotion, salesmanship, selling, sellout, shaking, shaky, shikar, shooting, snuffling, soft sell, sport, sporting, stalking, stifled, still hunt, strangled, thick, throaty, tremulous, twangy, velar, venery, wholesaling
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